CNN Raises Eyebrows with Disturbing Decision

The cable news media wars continue. This time CNN is feeling the ire of viewers for comments made about fired Fox News commentator Carson Taylor. 

Carlson has announced that he will be reincarnating his Fox News show on Twitter in the coming months. 

Carlson praised Twitter as the only bastion of free speech on social media. Sources say Musk and Carlson did not sign any agreement for the new venture. 

On Tuesday, Oliver Darcy, a senior media reporter for CNN, called Tucker Carlson a “right-wing extremist.” The remark was repeated on CNN’s Twitter account. 

Some comments to the network included jabs at CNN for not firing an employee for exposing himself on a company Zoom call. Others expressed the hypocrisy of having Trump on the left-leaning network. 

Twitter users pointed out that CNN was the last place for a fair and honest debate to take place. 

Social media followers of CNN, and Tucker Carlson fans, expressed their displeasure with the description, especially since CNN is planning a May 10 town hall featuring former President Donald Trump returning to the CNN network for the first time in seven years. 

MSNBC weighed in with host Mehdi Hasan calling out CNN for giving airtime to someone known to incite violence and tell lies. Others claimed the Trump appearance was not journalism but lousy judgment. 

Trump stated CNN made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and called them rightfully desperate for ratings only he is capable of delivering. He said he could make CNN new and vibrant again without what he has termed fake news in the past. 

He could not deny that there was uncertainty going into enemy territory. 

The Trump Town Hall will be held at St. Ansalm College in Goffstown, New Hampshire, and will be moderated by Kaitlan Collins of CNN. Trump will be taking questions from both Republican voters and undeclared voters, all of whom plan on voting in the Republican Primary in 2024.