Death Toll Of Biden’s Border Crisis Released

Despite the declining quality of life in the United States under Democrat leadership, a majority of Americans are likely to be wary of and negatively view the Republican party. Following the 2016 election of the former president Donald Trump, the party has struggled tremendously. Since the 2018 midterms, Republicans have been crushed in every election cycle; that year resulted in a blue wave in which much of what was a Republican dominated congress during Trump’s first two years as president was wiped away. The presidential election of 2020 ended the Don’s presidency after only a single term, and Democrats retained control of the House of Representatives and gained the senate. Most recently in 2022, during a federal election cycle which was believed to be quite favorable to the GOP, the party failed miserably yet again, being relegated to a clear minority in the senate and only taking back the House of Representatives by a scant and paltry margin.

In truth, many Americans simply believe that Republicans are not able to govern if rewarded with the opportunity, and thus many will not vote for the party. Truly, in 2016, when the party had complete control of the federal government with Donald Trump in the White House, no real or meaningful legislation was passed to aid the American people or address the party’s proposed agenda. In 2023, Republicans proved their incompetency in governance yet again when Matt Gaetz and several other Republicans sided with Democrats and removed Kevin McCarthy from the speakership- an unprecedented occurrence and something which had never before happened in American history.

Republicans continue to fecklessly oppose progressives’ serious efforts to fundamentally transform America. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through a porous southern border since 2021, and things are only getting worse. Allegedly, over 1,000 migrants died at the border or related to it attempting to enter illegally into the United States in the year 2022.