Dem Congressman Blasts Abbott Over Texas Border Barrier

Democratic Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro delivered a scathing critique of Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s “inhumane” measures to prevent migrant crossings at the Rio Grande.

Governor Abbott has been supervising the positioning of a floating barrier adorned with razor wire amid accounts of cruel treatment by Texas National Guardsmen.

On a recent episode of CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta, the host sought Castro’s viewpoint on the matter after a report by Rosa Flores highlighting the ongoing dispute. Castro criticized Abbott vehemently and called for intervention by President Joe Biden’s administration.

Acosta asked to hear Costco’s thoughts on what these pregnant migrant women are sharing with our correspondent, Rosa Flores, who’s been doing fantastic work at the border where these women report being denied drinking water by Texas National Guard members. 

Castro replied that the treatment was brutal and highly inhumane. There is no reason for such cruelty. We would expect to see this in a country like North Korea.

For the governor to have approved the placement of razor wire in the water, particularly in parts where the water level rises, and the razor wire is not visible, and to deny people water in the heat of 100 to 110 degrees, is brutal and inhumane.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has initiated a border crackdown called Operation Lone Star. Castro, along with 87 House Democrats, called on the White House to step in. It appears part of this initiative includes floating barriers in the Rio Grande which could be a drowning risk.

Castro claimed he is convinced that the Biden administration, including the Department of Justice, can end Greg Abbott’s inhumane actions. The governor has no right to install razor wire or barrel traps. Together, these measures pose a lethal risk, especially in the river.

The Department of Justice has given Texas until Monday to provide a plan for removing these hazards. If there is no response or the answer is not satisfactory, the federal government plans to file a lawsuit on Tuesday to ensure their removal.