Democrats Losing Key Voting Group To Trump

While America remains engulfed in a plethora of serious domestic and international problems while her leaders appear unwilling or unable to address them, media outlets remain focused on the 2024 presidential election and the promotion of bad news coverage surrounding the former President Donald Trump. While the incumbent leader Joe Biden appears incoherent, weak, and have overseen a serious period of economic volatility, international instability and an invasion at the southern border, reporters fixate on the four criminal indictments of Trump, often disregarding the deficiencies of the current commander in chief. Indeed, while the American public deals with inflation levels not seen in 40 years, home ownership has become unattainable for average working class families in 99% of the nation, and 60% live paycheck to paycheck, the media fixates on Trumps legal problems and his attempt to retake the White House.

In what is sadly a clear indicator of widespread media bias and a serious threat to a free and functioning Republic, the corrupt business dealings of President Biden are also ignored in an attempt to protect the vulnerable president. Despite this, the American public has taken notice and Biden has received low approval ratings in recent polls. It appears that Biden is so incompetent, that he cannot even manage his own canine. Representative Virginia Foxx of North Carolina has made an inquiry regarding workplace safety at the White House as reports have surfaced that the president’s dog has repeatedly bitten staffers and secret service employees. Following these many incidents, the dog, named Commander, is no longer on the grounds of the White House.

It appears that a biting dog is not the only problem that Biden is facing as the 2024 election inches ever closer. In a recent report by the New York Times, it appears that Biden is losing support from one key voter group. Hispanics are shifting their support towards Donald Trump as the election draws near.