Donald Trump Lawyer In Deep Trouble Over Lies

The attorney behind the Trump campaign’s fraudulent electors scheme reportedly hid a secret Twitter account from prosecutors in Michigan despite claiming to investigators that he had no presence on social media, CNN reported.

In interviews with Michigan prosecutors last year, Trump campaign attorney Kenneth Chesebro said he did not use Twitter or any “alternate IDs.”

However, a CNN KFile investigation turned up a secret Twitter account operated by Chesebro under the user name BadgerPundit.

A review of the posts found that Chesebro was promoting a post-election strategy even more aggressive than what he admitted during his interviews.

Attorneys for Kenneth Chesebro confirmed to CNN that the BadgerPundit account belonged to their client. They argued that the account featured Chesebro’s “random stream of consciousness” to spitball election theories. However, his attorneys insisted that the account was separate from the work he did for the Trump campaign.

Attorney Robert Langford said BadgerPundit was the account Chesebro used to be a “goof.” He said the comments on the account were not related to the “specific kinds of legal advice” Chesebro gave to the Trump campaign on what he believed were “legitimate legal challenges.”

Chesebro, who has already pleaded guilty in the Fulton County election interference case, is not facing any charges in Michigan. In December, he agreed to cooperate with Michigan and Wisconsin investigators in their investigations into the fraudulent electors scheme as a way to avoid charges.

In his interview with Michigan investigators, Chesebro claimed to have been duped by the former president’s more ambitious lawyers.

When asked to comment on the discovery of Chesebro’s secret Twitter account, a spokesman for Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel said the AG’s office was interested in the content and would be looking into it.

In July, Nessel announced charges against 16 people who signed the fraudulent certificates claiming that Trump won the state in 2020. The 16 fraudulent electors face multiple felony charges, including conspiracy to commit forgery and election law forgery.

The attorney general’s office also informed CNN that their investigation into the 2020 election scheme was still ongoing.