Dr. Phil Guest Says She Gave An Internet Stranger $90k

During a recent broadcast of Dr. Phil, a woman recounted her unusual relationship with a man she never met, the UK Sun reported.

The woman, named Terri, told Dr. Phil that she met Ricardo online two years ago. Terri said she and Ricardo, who allegedly is a millionaire, plan to get married.

According to Terri, the pair first met on Facebook where they exchanged direct messages. She told Dr. Phil that she sent Ricardo her phone number and the two have been texting and phoning each other ever since.

Ricardo claimed to live in Beverly Hills but was working in Montreal.

Within a month, she and Ricardo professed their love for one another and he asked her to marry him.

Terri told Dr. Phil that it does bother her that she has never met Ricardo in person. She admitted that every time she has tried to get him to visit her, Ricardo “has an excuse” or there is a conflict.

She said that about a month after they met, Ricardo said he was moving to Canada for work and asked if Terri would invest about $10,000 in Bitcoin, promising the investment would increase tenfold in just six months. 

In the two years she and Ricardo have been “together,” Terri has sent him about $90,000. But contrary to Ricardo’s promises of big returns, Terri has seen nothing, leading her sister Tammy to conclude that Terri’s “boyfriend” is a cat-fishing con artist who scammed her out of her money.

Terri told Dr. Phil that people keep telling her that Ricardo is a fraud, but she refuses to believe them. She said she knows that Ricardo has a US passport because that’s what he told her.

The mysterious “millionaire” claims to have an American father and an Italian mother. But Terri can’t tell where he is from based on his accent.

When Dr. Phil asked if she and Ricardo have any “common interests,” Terri said she had “no idea.”