Entire Town Leadership Leaves Democrat Party To Become Republicans

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to a local news agency, elected officials in East Hanover, New Jersey, declared they are now Republicans after renouncing their Democrat affiliations.

According to the report, the decision was reached after months of constructive discussion by the leaders, which included Mayor Joseph Pannullo and the entire township council.

Pannullo, Frank DeMaio, the council president, and his colleagues Brian Brokaw, Carolyn Jandoli, and Michael Martorelli all made the change. Pannullo has represented the 11,000-person town since 2007.

Pannullo claimed that the decision was made considering the community’s best interests and that it will aid elected officials in concentrating on local issues affecting our community. He pointed out that the choice was based on the divisiveness, rhetoric, and social media vitriol of national politics.

According to Laura Ali, chairwoman of the Morris County Republican Committee, Republicans were excited about the East Hanover switch. She said that the entire Morris County Republican Party welcomes Mayor Pannullo and the four council members of East Hanover to the family.

Reports show that the GOP has a 20,115-person advantage in voter registration, and the number of elected municipal Democrats in Morris County, a traditionally Republican-leaning county, has risen recently. There are 141,209 unaffiliated voters, in addition to 136,399 Republicans and 119,284 Democrats.

State Assemblyman Brian Bergenhe said the Morris County Republican party has incredible momentum and is an excellent indication of its progress. They welcomed Mayor Pannullo and his entire council as members. Bergenhe said he believed 2023 would be a significant year.

According to local reports, the official election results show Donald Trump received 66% of the vote in East Hanover in 2020.

Republican Paul DeGroot won the township with 68% of the vote in his failed attempt to unseat Democratic U.S. Representative Mikie Sherrill in the 11th Congressional District last year. Sherrill prevailed with 57% of the district’s vote. Overall, 53% of them came from Morris County.