Ex-Presidents Obama, Bush, And Clinton Join Forces On Key Issue

As the United States faces a record inflow of illegal migrants at the southern border, the latest open-border schemes have emerged with the help of a league of former presidents.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Biden, and several international bankers and corporations have formed an open-border NGO called “Welcome.US,” intending to transport refugees from the Third World to the United States. Former Obama, Bush, and Clinton officials started the organization. After the launch, the ex-presidents were appointed to prominent roles within the organization.

Joe Biden helped launch Welcome.US in September 2021 so that they could bring in thousands of Afghan refugees via plane. 

Welcome.US has connections to globalist billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundation board members, who have joined forces with Welcome.US to form a “National Welcome Council” to “welcome” migrants into the United States.

Welcome.US initially worked to attract Afghans to the United States, but it has since partnered with the non-governmental organization Miles4Migrants to bring people from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and Ukraine to the United States.

According to the Welcome.US website, the NGO initially collaborated with 1 to transport board members 18,000 Afghans to the United States, and this latest migration campaign represents the second time the two organizations have worked together.

The organization has partnered with companies like American Express, Wal-Mart, and others to secure financial support for its open-borders initiative.

Illegal immigrants worldwide flock to Mexico to cross into the United States through the porous southern border. This includes illegal immigrants from Latin America and Chinese nationals of fighting age.

The arrival of Afghan migrants was met with horrifying allegations of third-world crime. After being captured raping a 3-year-old daughter on a Marine installation, an Afghan refugee man claimed that such acts were “commonplace in his society.”

Many have theorized that open borders are either a scheme to displace the white demographic in the United States or a desperate measure to keep America from collapsing economically after decades of spending much more than the government takes in. Social Security is the entitlement stolen from those who have invested in it. Flooding the country with more people is the robbers’ solution.