Fox News Calls Ron DeSantis A “Weird Guy” On Air

Jonathan Kott, a former communications director for Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia, stated on Fox News that Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is struggling on the campaign trail against former President Donald Trump due to his inability to connect with Republican voters.

Despite touring and engaging with people in crucial swing states like Iowa and New Hampshire since announcing his candidacy, DeSantis has been unable to create substantial momentum against Trump. He has been trying hard in those states but is spinning his wheels.

Kott noted that even if Trump chooses not to participate in the forthcoming Republican primary debates, it is unlikely that DeSantis would do well. He said his biggest problem is that people are getting to know him, and it turns out his record in Florida is kind of hurtful to many people and hateful, and it’s not resonating.

According to reports, he also appears a bit weird to voters. Kott stated that a politician needs to have one-on-one conversations with the people when you are in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he doesn’t think he does an excellent job with that.

Kott mentioned Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) as a potential Republican contender who, due to his likeability, can set himself apart from the other debate candidates and stand out from the crowded field.

He continued stating that it is still Donald Trump’s party until someone dethrones him.

According to Real Clear Politics, Trump maintains a lead in the Republican primary, with a margin of more than 30 points ahead of DeSantis. Even though the Department of Justice has taken legal action against him, and he’s spent a lot of time in court defending numerous indictments and lawsuits, Trump remains popular with the vast majority of the GOP.

Voters devoted to Trump believe his policies and leadership are more important than the charges brought against him.