GOP Carries Out First Biden Impeachment Hearing

The New York Times reported House Republicans are considering impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden for corruption and misuse of power.

The outlet claimed the GOP has had difficulty associating Hunter Biden’s professional endeavors with his father’s. Over 12,000 pages of bank data and thousands of suspicious transaction reports were reviewed, but no evidence of any payment to the president has been found.

Because of a possible government shutdown, the White House has been sending out emails every hour, alleging that Republicans are attempting to distract the public.

White House representative Sharon Yang stated that the shutdown would have damaging implications for Americans, including lost employment and military members working without pay.

According to reports, the House Ways and Means Committee released intercepted text messages showing that then-Vice President Joe Biden personally requested an encounter with a Chinese oil executive whose company handed Hunter Biden several million dollars for consultancy fees weeks before.

On August 27, 2017, Hunter Biden told CEFC director Gongwen Dong through WhatsApp that his “uncle’s brother” would be in New York City and requested a meeting with CEFC CEO Ye Jianming.

Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden met with Ye the same week to discuss maintaining their business relationship, as shown by emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop. The previous month, nearly $5 million had been transferred from CEFC to Hunter Biden’s company, Hudson West III.

In a text message to Dong, Hunter Biden said that his uncle and his BROTHER were coming to meet with Ye, who would like to see the Chairman. It seemed as if Jim’s BROTHER would just check in to say hello and wouldn’t be staying for lunch, so Hunter asked him to confirm the meeting’s time and location.

Hunter Biden was likely referring to his father, Joe Biden, who played a pivotal role in the Biden family’s financial dealings with CEFC.

Meeting with CEFC’s head, who has links to Chinese military intelligence, only weeks after the corporation sent several million dollars to Joe Biden’s son seems odd.

Hunter Biden avoided naming his dad, Joe, as much as possible. His former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, revealed the communications in 2020, demonstrating that Joe Biden’s family members were urged to be silent about his involvement in the CEFC deal.