Hamas Leader’s Son Wants US to Help Persuade Egypt to Open Border to Refugees

The son of a founding Hamas leader has urged the United States to put pressure on Egypt to allow residents in Gaza to evacuate the Israel-Hamas conflict through its territory.

His name is Mosab Hassan Yousef. He has called Hamas akin to Nazis.

Yousef, an ex-Israeli prisoner who now lives in hiding in the United States, thinks American military help to Egypt will impact the country’s government. He claims that Israel could “eradicate” Hamas if it permitted civilians to leave the Gaza Strip.

As the humanitarian situation in Hamas-controlled Gaza worsens, President Biden has vowed to stand with Israel despite rising calls for a ceasefire and has asked Congress for billions of dollars in help for Israelis and Gaza civilians.

Biden has proposed giving $61.4 billion to Ukraine, $14.3 billion to Israel ($10.6 billion of which went for military aid), $13.6 billion for border protection, and significant investments in Indo-Pacific security assistance totaling around $7.4 billion. He plans to ask Congress for this unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense. Humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Israel, and Gaza is also funded at $9 billion.

The funds will improve Israel’s air and missile defense systems, including the Iron Dome and the research and development of the Iron Beam, a high-energy laser weapon designed to defend against aerial attacks. Yousef claims that Israel needs American support to prevail because Hamas, Iran, and Russia are all targeting the United States by way of Israel. He wants the United States to be more present rather than take military action since showing Iran and Hezbollah that it is prepared to respond to their threats is the best way to prevent a regional war and, worse, World War III.

As of late, American soldiers have been assaulted at least 24 times in Iraq and Syria in recent weeks, with a U.S. airbase in Iraq being struck three times overnight Tuesday with armed drones by an Iranian-backed proxy.