Humanoid Robot Apollo Signals Massive Leap In Technology

The robots have not taken over as some predicted; they may soon operate alongside humans.

Apptronik, a manufacturer of electrical components, aims to do this with their humanoid robot Apollo. The business announced in a statement that the robot, which debuted in August, is intended to operate with people in factories and warehouses, filling in for workers who have left due to labor shortages.

Apptronik co-founder and CEO Jeff Cardenas said they think that Apollo is one of the most powerful tools mankind has ever invented. How we use it, he said, will transform the way that we live and work.

Apollo can lift just under 60 pounds. He is 5’ 8” tall. He can engage with employees in a friendly manner. Apollo has nimble fingers, two arms, two legs, and a humanoid face with little black eyes.

Robots like Apollo may soon be joining human workforces. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, unveiled the first version of an AI-enhanced humanoid robot named Optimus in 2022.

The humanoid robot “Atlas” is now under development by Boston Dynamics, whose robotic guard dog is already utilized commercially for security and data collecting.

The business claims that its “human-like” characteristics will make it useful in factories and warehouses in the “near future.” Dubbed by Apptronik CEO and co-founder Jeff Cardenas as “the iPhone of robots,” the droid may find applications outside logistics in retail, home delivery, and elder care.

The robot displays its charge and present duty on digital screens on its chest and face and its “human-like visage,” which it uses to converse with humans. The robot can be used for four hours before its batteries need to be changed, or it may be plugged in to charge; both cause production delays and should be avoided if possible.

Economists predict that by 2025, robots will replace as many as 2 million industrial jobs.