Hunter Biden Supporters Who Signed Disinformation Letter All Facing Probes

( The Republican majority in the House intends to start lots of investigations, including ones into President Joseph Biden’s family and the 51 intelligence officers who signed a letter that mitigated the damage against Biden before a critical election.

Because many of the same news outlets and government agencies that initially downplayed reports of foul play because of information and emails found on a computer he reportedly left behind at a repair shop in Delaware have suddenly taken an interest in the story, Ohio Republican Jim Jordan has suggested that “something is up” with the probe.

Jordan said you had more than 50 intelligence agency people put their names on an open letter stating that the Laptop From Hell was Russian disinformation when it wasn’t. He said anyone could make a credible argument that it altered the election’s outcome, and we no longer have Donald Trump in the White House.

“When will the FBI stop interfering in elections?” Jordan asked.

He said In 2016, they went after the Trump election camp; in 2018, they came after him with the Mueller probe; in 2020, they buried the Hunter Biden story; in 2022, they raided his home 91 days before the midterm election; and now, just two weeks ago, three days after he announces for the 2024 race, they name a special counsel, and it’s not just anybody, it’s Jack Smith.

Smith has a reputation for turning the powers of the government into a weapon to persecute and prosecute.

Jordan said it appears like Joe Biden was involved, and a lot has happened to alter the course of history. He said we know now that Joe’s brother, James Biden, was also concerned because of the texts and emails connecting the whole family, Hunter and Joe, and their “uncle Jim.”

The Republican senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, is demanding that his House colleagues question the intelligence experts who put doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop tale in a letter sent in 2020.

Such letters “impacted and interfered in our election to a much larger degree than anything Russia could have hoped to achieve,” Johnson said, referring to the Russian government’s efforts. The House must immediately contact the 51 intelligence professionals.