Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Could Be Sanctioned For Lying

According to a report, the judge sitting over the criminal case against Hunter Biden warned fines against Biden’s legal team for purportedly deceiving the clerk’s office.

Attorneys for Hunter Biden have been accused of skirting the rules to get documents related to IRS whistleblowers withheld from the docket. Judge Maryellen Noreika of Delaware had given Biden’s legal team till Tuesday night at 9 p.m. to present their side of the story.

A member of Hunter’s legal team had been accused of lying about her identity to get amicus briefs and other supporting documents removed from the docket. Instead of formally petitioning the court, she reportedly contacted the clerk and requested that the material be sealed.

According to the report,  the Court had spoken with the Clerk’s Office personnel and learned that a caller identified as Ms. Jessica Bengels claimed to work for Theodore Kittila, attorney for the GOP-leading House Ways and Means Committee, and asked that the amicus materials be removed due to the presence of the sensitive taxpayer, grand jury,  and social security information.

The court noted that it seemed the caller had attempted to inappropriately induce the clerk’s office to pull the amicus documents from the docket by misrepresenting her name and the organization she works for.

The ruling said that until the end of the day on July 26, the document would be kept under seal to provide Defendant a chance to attempt to make the necessary showing. In the absence of such a demonstration by Defendant, the totality of the document will have to be unsealed.

Biden’s legal team stated that the attorney who phoned the clerk appropriately described her position at the business.  Any idea that the undersigned lawyers or our employees would willfully deceive the Court concerning any topic is, hopefully, dispelled by the enclosed letter and the attached declaration.

A report reveals that after finding that Hunter Biden’s lawyers had tricked a court clerk into deleting a legal document by falsely identifying as a representative of Kittila’s office, Judge Noreika ordered that Hunter Biden’s attorneys not contact court clerks again.