Ilhan Omar’s Reaction To Being Approached By Matt Gaetz Goes Viral

( A picture that has gone viral on social media captures Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar’s dissatisfaction as she speaks with Republican Matt Gaetz in Congress on Thursday.

The Minnesota lawmaker appears uninspired in the photo as Gaetz leans over her chair and speaks animatedly to her.

Rep. Matt Gaetz had been “doing the rounds on the D side today chatting to members,” Politico writer Nicholas Wu tweeted, though it is unknown what the two lawmakers discussed.

On Thursday, the two lawmakers were back in Washington, D.C., as the House attempted for the third day in a row to pick a new speaker after hopeful Kevin McCarthy once more failed to garner enough support.

The Florida congressman “told Rep. Omar the anti-Kevin group got all they wanted but still weren’t voting for him,” Wu reported on Twitter, quoting a source with knowledge of the situation.

One Twitter user commented that she was leaning away from him and clarifying that she didn’t want to talk to him. Disgust and confusion are combined on the face, drastically lowering the mouth corners. “Beyond the pale of welcome.”

“A picture can speak a thousand words. She appears to have recently farted badly,” someone else tweeted.

Gaetz ruled out the possibility of a deal between Republicans and Democrats to elect a moderate Republican as House leader in an interview with Fox News on Thursday after McCarthy failed to garner enough support to be elected House Speaker in now 11 consecutive votes. He also threatened to resign if one were chosen.

Gaetz, a Freedom Caucus member and one of the House Republicans who frequently dissented from McCarthy this week, declared he would not back the California lawmaker.

“I find it offensive how heavily he leans on lobbyists and special interests to determine how politics, policies, and leadership decisions are decided. We have no confidence in him,” Gaetz tweeted on Friday morning.

The McCarthy-speaker era is going to be a bumpy ride.