Investigator In Hunter Biden Case To Testify Before House

According to a report, after being called to testify by House Republicans, U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who oversaw the department’s probe into Hunter Biden, has been made available by the Justice Department.

The DOJ has accepted the invitation for Weiss to appear at a public hearing before the committee, as stated in a letter from Assistant AG Carlos Felipe Uriarte to Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, House Judiciary Committee Chairman. According to the letter, the Department of Justice is prepared to present U.S. Attorney Weiss as a witness as soon as Congress returns from its August break.  The Department concludes that it is in the public’s best interest to have U.S. Attorney Weiss testify before Congress and address these allegations and concerns about his authority. 

Reports reveal that after years of investigating the president’s son, House Republicans finally requested in June that Weiss and more than a dozen government officials testify before several congressional committees for interviews about claims of corruption and misbehavior at their agencies.

The House Judiciary Committee, House Oversight Committee, and House Ways and Means Committee are all looking into whether political considerations impacted the FBI investigation against Hunter Biden.

It has been reported that the FBI informed the Biden transition team and the Secret Service of the IRS criminal investigating team’s intention to question Hunter Biden on December 7, 2020.  According to the informant, this tipped people close to Hunter Biden, and they obstructed the IRS.

According to investigative reports, agents have emphasized that they were directed by prosecutors not to explore leads that may have collected evidence on Joe Biden. Despite all the challenges, they were able to construct a compelling case against Hunter Biden. But they were unable to have it charged because Weiss informed them that he was not the final decision maker and claimed that he was being prevented from doing so by the Biden Justice Department.