Iran War Clouds Circle After New Peace Deal Reached

According to a report, Israel faces internal and foreign dangers, including stronger forces supported by the Islamic Republic, while the reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran continues to pull enemies together throughout the region.

Brigadier General in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reserve, Amir Avivi, stated that Iran is present in many places. The likelihood of war is increasing. The possibility of a major conflict is higher now than it has been in the past 30 years.

The former head of the Auditing and Consulting Department of the Israeli military establishment and current CEO and founder of the Israel Military and Security Forum, Avivi, has outlined two potential scenarios for the outbreak of such a conflict: an Iranian first strike or an Israeli counterattack.

Avivi suggested that if Iran continues to build up its forces and perceives Israel as weak, it could lead to a dangerous situation. This is especially concerning given the recent political turmoil in Israel. Avivi suggested that Iranian officials may see this as an opportunity to launch a coordinated attack.

Avivi stated that the use of drones, missiles, and rockets can be swift and surprising. This requires no extensive preparation for tank divisions.

Foreign reports show Iran has consistently rejected any military intent behind its nuclear program. However, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has continued nuclear research despite the fact that a nuclear deal, which was pulled out by then-U.S. President Donald Trump in 2018. It has not been restored amidst persistent disagreements.

Trump has been vocal in his opposition to the deal made by Obama’s administration. The UK, Germany, Russia, China, France, and the European Union were among the signatories, and they all continue to support its validity.

Avivi said that Israel would not let Iran become a nuclear giant, adding that the country would take unilateral action if necessary.

While Israel continues to lean on the United States as an ally, Israel’s concerns have been heightened by Iran’s success in mending fences with Arab nations.