Jurassic Park Star Discusses Cancer Diagnosis in Depth

Jurassic Park was released in 1993. The movie was an instant success, featuring the likes of Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum,, BD Wong, Richard Attenborough, and Ariana Richards. Set on the fictional island of Isla Nublar, the film was based on the novel written by Michael Crichton. A man named John Hammond created the Park as a theme-like tourist attraction, displaying real life cloned dinosaurs on the tropical island in the south American region. The park was allowed to open without a safety certification, and a Velociraptor eventually kills a handler. After a man who was bribed to steal embryos (used to clone dinosaurs) disarms the security system at the park, things quick deteriorate. The film made a brief return to theatres on August 25th of this year in celebration of the anniversary of its release.

As the situation goes south and turns into a nightmare, individuals are left to battle for their lives against the prehistoric giants. At the time, the film was the highest grossing film ever released internationally, and grossed $50 billion in its first weekend, breaking the record which had previously been held by Batman Returns released in 1992. By the end of its run in theatres, it is estimated that the movie solder over $86 million in tickets in America alone. It is hard to believe that the film is now thirty years old.

Recently, Sam Neill, a star in the movie not mentioned above, made headlines after a statement was made regarding his cancer diagnosis. Neill issued a solemn apology and stated he did not wish or intend to worry friends and fans. Now 76 years old, Neill posted an Instagram recording earlier in October to transparently explain statements he had made during an interview on ‘Australia Today’. Neill reported that he has been in remission for 12 months due to an experimental drug and is battling advanced blood cancer. Fans prayers are with Neill.