Kim Jong Un Travels To Russia In Armored Train

Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, plans to go to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin. Kim used the same armored train to go to Vietnam in 2018 to meet with then-President Donald Trump, and he used it again in 2019 for his last overseas trip. When contradictory rumors surfaced regarding Kim’s health during the COVID-19 outbreak, the train became a crucial source of information about his whereabouts.

Kim was holed up in one of his five-star hotels when the coronavirus epidemic hit. The Kim family owns a 21-car, khaki-green railway with a yellow stripe down the middle. On board, passengers may enjoy French wine and comfortable leather seats. North Korean official media photographs provide an odd glimpse of the bizarre vehicle.

In 2019, Kim rode the train to Vladivostok for a meeting with Putin, as he will do this week. This year, Putin will undoubtedly be looking for a weapons agreement, and this year, the primary priority was Kim’s nuclear weapons. Several guesthouses, a private beach, a basketball court, a horse riding track, a $7 million luxury boat, and a remote train station are all part of Kim’s beachfront estate in Wonsan.

Because every vehicle is bulletproof, the train is noticeably heavier than usual, limiting its top speed to only 37 miles per hour. On his birthdays in January 2019 and March 2018, Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, took the train to China. The red carpeted ramp provides easy access for the Supreme Leader while boarding the train.

Kim Jong Un uses Apple MacBooks rather than bulky desktop computers for doing official business on the train. He formerly traveled in style, stocking his train with fine foods and beverages from throughout the globe, including red wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy and silver chopsticks.

Kim Jong Un is known to appreciate Swiss cheese, Cristal Champagne, and Hennessy cognac; however, it is unclear if he packs the train with these items as lavishly as his father did. All eyes are on the train as Kim departs North Korea for the first time in four years.