Kitten Turned Internet Sensation Meets Sad End

The little orange kitten known as Tater Tot, who won the affection of many and gained millions of internet followers, passed away on August 2 after a short illness. 

Last Wednesday night, his death was shared in a Facebook group titled “Tater Tot and His Spudbuds.” Almost 44,000 people were watching the mischievous exploits of the little cat with the unruly hair, deformed legs, and permanent frown.

Houghton, Tator Tot’s caretaker, is one of the directors of Kitty CrusAIDe, a cat rescue organization in Salt Lake City.

Houghton announced that their little potato died unexpectedly in her hands. His stamina had been eroding for almost a week, and they were crossing their fingers that it was an infection that medications might cure. But days prior, he also began exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia, and she promptly initiated pneumonia treatment, which included medication and a nebulizer. 

Tater Tot was too little to have cardiac testing done, but Houghton concluded that Tater Tot had a large heart because of how quickly he died. 

Houghton said the tiny potato had an incredible influence on her life, and she was beyond grateful for the opportunity to show him to the world.  Houghton pleaded for individuals who were moved by Tater Tot’s tale to consider making a contribution to their neighborhood animal shelter in Tater’s memory. 

There are many animal shelters across the country, including:
Petfinder, SecondChancePet, and FluffyPlanet.


According to Fluffy Planet, all 50 states and DC have their own private and public animal rescue groups. The mission of animal welfare groups is twofold: to help animals in need and to support pet owners who are unable to do so for various reasons. A debt of gratitude and respect goes out to the caregivers who manage and serve in these safe spaces.

To produce the listings for every state, Fluffy Planet made use of the API. To learn more about animal rescues, shelters, and welfare groups in your state, choose your state from the menu at the site.