Klaus Schwab Confirms He Wants To Track People’s Thoughts With Brain Chips

(Republicaninformer.com)- Reports show Nita Farahany, a professor at Duke University, looked at the state of mind-monitoring technology while at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

The technology is probably more advanced than what the world sees since the technocrats slowly release controversial advances so that the intended victims can adapt to their new environment, much like a new animal learning its place at a circus.

According to a report, Farahany, Karl Schwab, and the other unelected bureaucrats at the WEF don’t seem to have any doubts about these new technologies. People do not usually talk about monitoring a human being’s brain activity every minute of the day without mentioning the apparent risks of abuse. Therefore, the behavior of these self-appointed leaders would appear dangerous to human rights defenders.

Farahany’s WEF talk had a short animation with a voiceover to help people understand what constant monitoring of the mind might entail.

The story is about an office where the victim’s boss watches her brain activity to ensure she’s working and not fantasizing about a coworker since it’s against the rules to date someone at work.  Later in the animation, government agents show up at the workplace to pore over every office worker’s brain activity and sift through data to look for synchronized brain activity between coworkers to find out who had unauthorized cogitations.

According to reports, the World Economic Forum may be one of the most important places to talk about economics in the world, but it is not as ethical as it would have you believe.

Over the years, people who have gone to WEF meetings have said and done some morally questionable things. Mind control using sound waves was discussed at the WEF in 2018.

The wealthy elites claimed this technology could be used to treat Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s,  but they also talked about how it could make you become dependent or kill you. They also examined the possibility of using it to completely control a person’s mind, even from far away.