Leftist News Analyst Freaking Out Over Latest 2024 Poll

Commentator Donny Deutsch on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” voiced his worry about a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) survey concerning President Joe Biden. He said that the Democrats, to defeat Trump, should start waking people up.

Regarding who had a better record, Trump was 11 points ahead of Biden in the survey. Trump was seen as more mentally competent to be president than Biden was by a 10-point margin. Most respondents (58%) disagreed with Biden’s handling of the economy and said it had worsened during the last two years.

The poll was conducted between August 24 and 30, 2018, and polled 1,500 registered voters. The margin of error was 2.5%.

Scarborough cited a recent substack authored by Joe Klein in which Klein discussed the growing dissatisfaction among Democrats and their need for greater initiative by President Joe Biden.

Scarborough said that many Democrats are in a state of panic and fear for the future of American democracy and that Biden is not the man to lead the nation at this time. He asked if we should simply hope for the best and cross our fingers.

Then, co-host Willie Geist said that Biden’s retirement age is still in the air, and nobody knows who would replace him. Then, Geist voiced his displeasure with a Wall Street Journal survey finding that Americans think Trump has more remarkable achievements.

Geist claimed that, since Biden constantly brings up an election that took place three years ago, he has a worse vision for the future than Trump.

Deutsch said that if he were in charge of the campaign, he would point out that people should be more afraid of the chaos, uncertainty, and terror of where Donald Trump may lead unconstrained in his second term. He said, to be clear, he doesn’t deny feeling fear. He won’t lie and pretend the survey in the Wall Street Journal didn’t give him the creeps. He said it was causing a panic attack. He said that the Democrats ought to rally around Biden and stop wasting time worrying about Donald Trump.

New surveys show that public support for the Biden administration is dwindling. Biden’s approval rating on the economy is low, with just 36% of respondents in one survey commissioned by The Associated Press and performed by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.