Look At Steve Bannon’s Reaction To Tucker Carlson’s Firing Live

Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News has left many conservatives scratching their heads. The media giant released a statement thanking Carlson for his service but that is all that has been officially spoken about the separation. The news has prompted every political commentator, whether on the left or right, to comment on the bombshell, including Steve Bannon. 

The former chief strategist said that now that Carlson was gone there was no real reason to continue to watch Fox News. He noted that his “populist voice” was the main reason anyone watched at all, despite having “Maria [Bartiromo] in the morning” and Jesse Waters. 


Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy commented on the development as a win for Newsmax, which may now enjoy higher ratings from some of the viewers who stop watching Fox News as a result of Carlson’s departure. He claimed that Fox News has continued to become the establishment and now that Carlson is no longer with the outlet the move is a “big milestone in that effort.” 

The news comes as Fox just settled its $1.6 billion lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787 million. Dominion sued the media giant after alleging that they peddled false information regarding their attempts to rig the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden. 

Former President Donald Trump was reportedly shocked that the outlet settled the case and said that he thought it was winnable. Some networks are reporting that the lawsuit is what led to the termination, citing anonymous sources. Text messages from the court case reportedly reveal that Carlson had criticized those at the network questioning claims of voter fraud. He also defended Fox’s audience, alleging that the network’s reporting of the election resulted in their loss of trust.

After this separation, some are wondering what is going to happen to the three million viewers that tuned in every night, as reported by American Pigeon