McCarthy Says Border Control Is Necessary to Avoid Shutdown

As the autumn season enters in full swing, and the weather begins to become milder across the United States, there is truly an atmosphere of change that comes with the natural cycle of the seasons. Unfortunately, while change is always guaranteed to occur in terms of geological and meteorological natural weather patterns, in the state of American politics, stagnation, stalemate and tense polarization seems to be the norm. Over the last several years, the country has been engaged in a “cold” fiscal and social political conflict as conservatives and progressives at nearly every level of governance continue to battle for control of the nation’s political, social, and judicial institutions. Sadly, nearly every aspect of ordinary American life has been engulfed into the conflict, as corporations which drive the everyday activities of citizens across the union continue to take “sides” in the discourse. Regardless, most ordinary Americans are primarily concerned with the fiscal state of affairs in the nation, and due to record inflation which has resulted in skyrocketing costs and a declining value of the U.S. dollar, more people are living paycheck to paycheck than ever before.

As the national debt continues to increase at an alarming rate, the state of politics in Washington D.C. remains toxic and ineffective. A government shutdown looms, and on Tuesday September 26th, House Majority Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a statement claiming a shutdown could be avoided by President Biden if he decided to take actions restricting the flow of illegal immigrants into the nation through the southern border.

Unfortunately, this proposal from McCarthy is unable to prevent a shutdown, as Democrats across the federal government remain adamantly opposed to securing the southern border. In the nearly three years in which Biden has served as president, it is estimated that over 5 million illegals have entered the nation through the southern border. In September alone, thousands have entered the country on average by the day.