Media In Frenzy Over Kate Middleton’s Disappearance

Rumor has it that Kate and Prince William plan to be more transparent about Kate’s health when correct.

Wild speculation on Kate’s unknown health status has descended like a tsunami since she stayed out of the spotlight following her major stomach surgery on January 16. She isn’t scheduled to resume royal duties and official responsibilities until Easter.

There’s been a recent controversy over a photo released by Kate and Will. Six of the world’s most famous image agencies ‘killed’ the photo because they worried it had been manipulated, thus spiking speculation over whether or not the Princess had any hand in the family portrait Kensington Palace released on Mother’s Day.

A source close to Kate and Prince William has told reporters that it is unsuitable to provide more information on Kate’s recovery at this time, which only fuels conspiracy theorists.

The source, though, feels it is the right decision not to turn Kate’s health crisis into a public spectacle, adding that she is not a show pony.

The source added that perhaps no one on this earth is subjected to more scrutiny over their looks than Kate.

Almost two weeks after leaving the hospital for her scheduled stomach surgery at the London Clinic, Kate returned to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor on January 29. The Princess has asked that her private medical details remain private, and Kensington Palace has already said that her condition has nothing to do with cancer. Nevertheless, information regarding her illness remains undisclosed.

Until her three children return to Lambrook School in Ascot on April 17th, after the Easter break, Kate will probably take a vacation from her frontline job. William will also take a vacation from his official duties around Easter to spend time with his loved ones. People in the know say that the couple may mention Kate’s health when they make public appearances next month.

Despite the upheaval in the royal family, William and Kate will probably keep up the tradition of presenting a new photograph to honor Prince Louis’s introduction into the world on April 23, his birthday.