Multiple Dems Join GOP Resolution To Condemn Biden

On March 12th, the House passed a resolution denouncing President Biden’s immigration strategy with the support of fourteen Republicans and fourteen Democrats.

Presented by Republican Monica De La Cruz of Texas, the measure was approved by a vote of 226 to 193. The non-binding resolution criticizes Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, for refusing to implement executive action on the porous border. 

With the support of 14 Democrats,  who sided with the Republicans,  have now approved a resolution denouncing Biden’s border crisis for the second time in as many weeks. The open American borders policies of the Biden administration were denounced on January 17 by a vote of 225 to 187, with the support of that group of Democrats and Republicans.

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) established the Democrats for Border Security Task Force, an advisory body, on the same day of the vote. When it came time to vote on the resolutions denouncing Biden, Cuellar was one of fourteen Democrats who sided with the Republicans.

Republicans were appalled by Biden’s scapegoatism during his State of the Union speech, which occurred on the same day that De La Cruz submitted her motion.  

De La Cruz also gave the Republican response to Biden’s State of the Union speech in Spanish. She said the resolution highlights the critical need for the Biden administration to act swiftly to resolve the border problem. The Republicans are pleading with the government to take back control and safeguard American interests by using all available powers immediately.

According to a report, in response to Republican accusations that Democrats are avoiding the topic of border security, Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas established a working committee to address the border.

Bipartisan legislation to strengthen the border was filed earlier this year in the Senate but failed when Republicans declined to support it. The Democrats for Border Security Task Force are trying to get it back on track. Foreign funding was also a part of the package, which the Republicans rejected.

During a press conference, Cuellar emphasized the need for Democrats to discuss robust border security while still honoring the rights of immigrants.