Nancy Pelosi’s False “Evidence” Claim Could Hurt Her

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said nothing after Special Counsel John Durham’s report exposed severe mistakes by the DOJ and FBI in launching the Trump-Russia probe.

Pelosi was one of the most ardent and vocal supporters of the claim that Trump was a Russian stooge.

The speaker’s response to the report by Durham, which found that the Department and the FBI had strayed from their mission of strict fidelity to the law during the beginning of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, remains unknown.

When asked if she would repudiate any of her claims that Trump had ties to Russia and that the 2016 election had been rigged, Nancy Pelosi’s team’s team once again declined to respond.

In July 2017, Pelosi said that the revelation of the 2016 Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a lawyer from Russia in Trump Tower (over which Mueller did not file charges) was “cold hard evidence” of the Trump campaign and the Trump family’s eager intention to collude, possibly, with Russia, a hostile foreign power, to influence American elections.

Pelosi also demanded that then-House Speaker Paul Ryan form a committee to investigate the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia’s attack on our democracy. Pelosi took to Twitter, adamant that Hillary’s presidency was stolen from her.

In reference to President Trump in June 2020, Pelosi reaffirmed her support for the “all roads lead to Putin” collusion narrative, implying that the Russians have some sort of leverage over him politically, personally, or financially.

According to Durham, his research into the Trump collusion inquiry indicated that high-ranking FBI officials lacked analytical rigor regarding the information they were given, particularly from sources with a political affiliation.

This data helped kick off and maintain Crossfire Hurricane, which necessitated Special Counsel Mueller’s involvement. Many investigations into Trump’s administration relied heavily on information provided or paid directly or indirectly by those who opposed him politically.