NASA Confirms Unique Precious Metals Found On Asteroid

In recent days and years, the climate within the United States has felt as though a ship has been caught in a storm and does not possess a rudder or a captain. Since Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021 as the 46th president of the union, a plethora of problems have faced the nation. Inflation continues to be a major thorn in the side for many working class Americans as the cost of living has soared and the buying power of stagnant wages have declined. The middle class, which has shrunk over the last several decades, has been crushed under the effects of this inflation which was brought about by reckless government spending. Internationally, foreign adversaries of the western world and the United States have assumed threatening positions. The two most notably powerful nations which rival the west, China and Russia, appear poised to strengthen their alliance in opposition to the powers in North America and Europe. Ultimately, in every facet of politics and ordinary life, things are turbulent and uncertain for America and her citizens.

In the midst of Bidens struggles, House Republicans have begun impeachment inquiries into Biden. Predictably, Democrats vocally opposed these proceedings, declaring them to be a serious waste of time, and even called them “illegitimate”. Hakeem Jeffries, the progressive far-left leader of the Democratic House of Representatives minority, called the Republicans “extremists”, and accused the Republicans of threatening to orchestrate an “extreme MAGA government-shutdown”. The proceedings concern Biden and his knowledge of his son’s corrupt business dealings while he served as Vice President. It appears Democrats have a short memory; they themselves set historic precedent by impeaching President Trump several times with scant evidence during his presidency.

Unrelated to the tumultuous world of political drama, scientists allegedly have recently discovered an asteroid with potentially hazardous capabilities. Precious metals were discovered on the asteroid that has a chance of colliding with earth.