Netanyahu May Cross Biden’s ‘Red Line’ Soon

Rafah is a city in Gaza that houses displaced Palestinians; Biden called an invasion of the area a “red line.”

As tensions between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to rise, Netanyahu has declared his intention to ignore Biden’s “red line” and possibly clear Hamas out of Rafah.

Netanyahu has asserted that he had the backing of several unnamed Arab leaders regarding his prospective military action.

Officials from the White House say that they are letting Netanyahu “vent” the criticism because they think it would put pressure on Hamas to make a hostage swap. Reports indicate that Biden has referred to Netanyahu as an “a**hole” on three separate occasions and that Netanyahu and Biden have allegedly had multiple disagreements while the war in the Middle East rages on.

Since the precise number of casualties is up for debate, Israel is coming under increasing pressure from throughout the world to adhere to a ceasefire. The Gaza health ministry, which Hamas runs, has reported that more than 30,000 civilians have died, and UN groups have issued dire warnings about an impending famine. Israeli officials have come under fire for obstructing the land delivery of humanitarian aid, but in an interview, Netanyahu took credit for proposing the idea of the marine convoy. According to his predictions, the conflict might be over in a month, but not more than two months.

According to Netanyahu’s figures, 13,000 Palestinian fighters had been killed, with an estimated 1-1.5 civilian casualties for every combatant. That would mean that at least 26,000 people have been murdered, including both fighters and civilians. He said there would be no respite in the war, dismissing the notion of a truce in time for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Additionally, Netanyahu emphasized that all Arab land west of the Jordan River should be under Israel’s complete security authority. When asked if he would support Republican nominee Donald Trump, he was hesitant and guarded in his criticism of the current American president.