New York’s Attorney General Addresses Public Ahead Of Trial

Before starting a civil trial in which it is alleged that Trump, his two eldest sons, and his firm inflated the worth of assets in financial disclosures, New York Attorney General Letitia James and former President Donald Trump talked to the media.

James’ message was straightforward– No one is immune to justice, no matter how much money or influence they may have. And it is her job, duty, and responsibility to ensure it is followed.

She summed it up by saying, “No one is above the law.”

Trump called the upcoming trial a sham and a scam. He said his bank records look perfect. He said, if anything, they are understated when compared to their actual value. His true net worth is far more significant.

His real estate enterprise, which helped make him famous before he ran for president, would take a significant hit if he lost. His wealth and sense of self-worth are heavily tied to such assets. Forbes Magazine estimated his total wealth of $2.5 billion earlier this year, with $720 million coming from his New York homes alone.

Trump has often cited his success in the New York real estate market as a source of pride.

If the prosecution wins, Trump and his firm will be forced to pay a $250 million fine and be barred from doing business in New York, effectively stripping him of control over Trump Tower and his other assets.

His attendance in court indicates he is aware of the gravity of the situation.

In April 2022, Judge Engoron declared Mr. Trump in contempt for delaying the turning over of case-related papers and rejected pleas by Mr. Trump’s attorneys to postpone the trial’s start date.

Both of them have been labeled “deranged” by the former president and, in Ms. James’ case, a “racist” who is engaging in a politically driven witch hunt.