NYC Woman Sucker Punched, Suspect Released Without Bail

The guy who reportedly assaulted Dulche Pichardo, a 57-year-old school bus aide from Brooklyn, had a history of sucker punches and mental instability. After being charged with minor offenses of third-degree assault, attempted assault, and harassment, a Brooklyn court released Franz Jeudy, 33, on supervised release after the incident that took place on Tuesday evening in Crown Heights.

Two more random punch attacks—one on a security guard and one on a police officer—are on Jeudy’s criminal record. At the Manhattan Psychiatric Center in July 2018, Jeudy struck a Department of Homeless Services officer in the face, leading to his arrest for misdemeanor assault. When the officer was getting in his car to leave the parking lot, Jeudy swung out of his window and attacked him. The officer had wounds on his nose, bruises, a laceration to his left eye, and a chipped tooth as a result of the blow.

After striking a security guard in the face at the NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center in January 2019, Jeudy was once again charged with third-degree assault. The guard’s lips were sliced on both the top and bottom. Due to Jeudy’s alleged history of schizophrenia, the court decided in August 2019 that she was incompetent to stand trial and dropped both minor assault charges.

The New York Police Department’s “co-response unit,” a unique crisis intervention squad comprised of police officers and trained mental health specialists, was assigned to Jeudy in 2020. If reports of an emotionally disturbed individual are received, the unit may be sent as a backup. Beginning in 2013, authorities have responded to many 911 calls requesting help for Jeudy.

New information about his background surfaced when Pichardo, his most recent alleged victim, said she is now always on edge and would like the police to step up their efforts on safeguarding the community. Pichardo will spend the next six weeks with her mouth wired shut owing to her injuries.

A 24-year-old lady was hit in the head in Flatiron by an unnamed guy on the same day.

The victim declined medical treatment as the assailant ran away on foot. These two incidences come after a frightening string of women being attacked in New York City while out and about.