Out-of-State Car Rams Onto FBI Atlanta Security Gates

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta, a man is facing a federal charge of damage to government property for allegedly crashing his SUV into the security gate of the FBI’s Atlanta Field Division facility.

On Monday afternoon, the suspect, Ervin Lee Bolling, allegedly followed an authorized vehicle as it entered the gate in his automobile. Authorities reportedly used the pop-up barrier to detain Bolling’s unauthorized vehicle.

Authorities took the driver into custody.

The Atlanta branch office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in Chamblee, Georgia, was at the collision scene just after noon on Monday.

Police say he drove an orange Buick Encore with South Carolina license plates.

Bollard-like features may be raised to a vehicle-stopping height when needed. The cheese-like steel triangles can stop a car. Government agencies often grade them according to how well they decelerate cars of varying weights and speeds in the event of an accident.

The drive continued to enter the FBI complex. He got out of his car, but police tackled the guy right away.

The FBI described the individual as “not associated with this facility.”

Authorities say a nearby hospital admitted Bolling for further evaluation and medical treatment, and he stayed overnight.

According to FBI sources, there were no injuries recorded.

No explosives were discovered during the investigation of the suspect’s car.

According to Tony Thomas, an FBI official, the car did not contain any firearms.

As part of the agency’s routine operating protocols, agents and bomb experts examined the car “as a precaution,” according to Ellis.

As seen on the footage, a reddish-orange SUV was parked just inside the front gate, its hood pressed against a retractable barrier. Just before 4 p.m., a tow truck removed the car.

Ellis said that no other details were available at this time since the inquiry was continuing.