Parents Win Big Ruling Against School District

Reports show that a Wisconsin court has ruled against a district’s policy of allowing teachers and administrators to refer to children by new names or pronouns without first obtaining permission from the student’s parents.

The Waukesha Circuit County Court ruled for two sets of parents who had challenged a Kettle Moraine School District guideline that permitted staff to use children’s preferred names and pronouns without first obtaining their permission. The policy violated parental rights, with the court stating that parents should be informed of any modifications.

The District could not provide a pupil medication without a parent’s permission. Without permission from parents, the school could not mandate or allow a kid to engage in an extracurricular activity.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Maxwell ruled that a parent’s fundamental right would be violated if the School District changed a student’s pronoun without permission.

A report shows that the two families filed a lawsuit against the school system in November 2021, with help from Liberty Alliance Defending Freedom and the Wisconsin Institute for Law.

One family said they removed their 12-year-old from the Kettle Moraine school system after discovering that instructors had been using a male pronoun and addressing their daughter by a male name. The girl ultimately decided to stop acting as a male.

Parents allege they were told by the school that they could not object to teachers using a pronoun or name other than those they had given their child, notwithstanding their objections.

According to ADF, the school district didn’t respond to their letter requesting a policy change in 2021. The policy was challenged in Waukesha Circuit Court after this attempt failed.

The School District violated the parents’ medical treatment rights by socially affirming their child in school despite their request. The court judgment said the parents are in danger of being damaged by its policy of rejecting parental desires on medical or health decisions and how quickly gender questioning may occur.

Family lawyers called the ruling a huge parental rights victory.