Pentagon Fails “Audit” But Doesn’t Like Talking About It

According to a report, when asked about possible corruption, the Pentagon’s only reply is to insult your intellect, even though they have failed an audit five years in a row and have no idea what transpired with billions of dollars paid for by American taxpayers. 

According to a report, the liberal activist/comedian Jon Stewart was subjected to this treatment when he ventured too near to the subject in an interview with the second in charge of the Department of Defense.

Stewart conducted a recent C-SPAN interview with Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks.  He brought attention to the Pentagon’s disorganized finances, which Hicks strongly rejected the accusations that the department’s incompetence was due to corruption or lack of accountability.

Hicks stated throughout the conversation, sounding very contemptuous, that the capacity to pass an audit, or the lack thereof, is not indicative of waste, fraud, or abuse inside the Department of Defense. 

Stewart asked what the indication was.

Hicks said It indicates that there isn’t a precise record that can be looked at to see what we have and where it is, but it doesn’t mean it’s because of waste and fraud.

Stewart said that, in his view, it was a complete waste.

Hicks asked why he considered that was waste.

Stewart explained that it seems wasteful if you were given money, but you can’t account for it. That means you are irresponsible because you don’t know where the money went.

The report reveals that Stewart’s query was treated with disdain. The result was the exposure of the ineptitude, at best, and the purposeful obtuseness, at worst, of the Biden administration. 

According to a report, the Pentagon failed its annual independent audit again last Autumn. The primary reason was that the agency did not furnish a complete set of financial data for scrutiny.

Since the Pentagon was never able to pass the annual audit, legislation to punish failing government agencies has been proposed. However, the measure has not yet been approved by either house.