Putin’s $300+ Million Weapon Just Got Shot Down 

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to reports, a pro-Ukraine Belarus organization used a drone to carry out an assault near Minsk, which resulted in the destruction of a near-$330 million Russian surveillance aircraft.

During a covert operation, Belarusian rebels and elements of the nation’s opposition who have fled the country claimed that they destroyed an A-50U Russian military spy aircraft. 

Reports reveal there are only nine updated A-50U aircraft in Russia’s inventory, and each one has a crew of fifteen people. 

After early reports claiming that the strike had been carried out by a Belarusian opposition group BYPOL linked with Ukraine, the organization subsequently claimed responsibility and verified that the assaults had occurred. The damage was somewhat substantial.  

The A-50U will be unable to fly for an extended amount of time due to the damage. 

As alleged by BYPOL, they carried out a sabotage operation using two drones and took advantage of the enormous size of the aircraft.  There is no information on the manufacturer of the drones used in the attack.   

There was no way to verify the reports of the attack. There was no verification from Russia or Belarus.

Reports show the A-50 can monitor up to 60 different targets simultaneously and has aerial command and control capabilities.

According to military-associated websites, the A-50 is an unusual aircraft outfitted with a fiberglass dome with a diameter of more than 33 feet and a spinning antenna linked to radar equipment.  Its long-range radar equipment has been used to locate strategic targets.

As reported, various acts of sabotage have been committed in Belarus and Russian territories, mainly focused on the rail infrastructure.

Reports reveal President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, an ally of Vladimir Putin, reportedly supplied Russia with a staging point for the invasion. According to European media, there has been military involvement in Ukraine by both Russia and Belarus.