Report Says World Central Kitchen Workers Killed by ‘Perfectly Accurate’ Israel Strikes

Reports surfaced on Monday that World Central Kitchen (WCK), a charity organization founded by famed chef José Andrés, was seeking further information in regards to the reported attack that killed many workers in Gaza.

Andrés blamed an “IDF air strike” for the workers’ deaths and referred to them as “angels” in a social media post. The IDF issued a statement acknowledging the claims and promising a comprehensive review at the highest levels.

British media outlets have reported that the missiles that killed the charity workers, including an American, in the Gaza Strip this week were most likely perfectly targeted Spike missiles.

On Monday, a former British army procurement official named Chris Lincoln-Jones told The Times of London that three Spike missiles were probably fired at the convoy cars in rapid succession and crushed them.

The Israeli Defense Forces’ Black Snake squadron allegedly employed a Hermes 450 drone, which was ready for a targeted, pinpoint assault.

The news source states that Lincoln-Jones spent five years researching Israeli Defense Forces weaponry in Haifa and Tel Aviv. During this period, he was instrumental in Britain’s acquisition of the watchkeeper drone, which was built based on the Hermes 450. The Israeli armaments manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defence Systems’ cutting-edge “fire-and-forget” missiles, Spikes, are mounted on board.

The Hermes 450, in his opinion, would have captured the charity’s emblem. Furthermore, Israel probably knew who was on board WCK as the military authorities had authorized its course.

Two armored trucks with the WCK emblem and another vehicle were seen in central Gaza on Monday, according to the NGO headed by famous chef Jose Andres. The cars were in a guarded location. Tragically, an American, a Palestinian laborer, and persons from the UK, Australia, and Poland were among those killed in the incident.

After the killings, Israel came under heavy fire for what many saw as their inability to prevent civilian deaths in the upcoming assault of Rafah in southern Gaza. Those who operate in humanitarian relief have allegedly been the targets of the Israeli military.

Israel has claimed that it did not intend to target civilians and that the attack that killed the WCK employees was an accident.