Rhino Attack Leaves So Many Injuries 

(Republicaninformer.com)- A safari tour vehicle carrying seven visitors rolled into a gully as the driver reversed it to get away from two agitated rhinoceros in Jaldapara National Park, West Bengal, India. 

According to a report, all seven passengers were hurt in the accident.  

Tourists snapped photographs from the vehicle directly behind as two creatures emerged from undergrowth by the side of the road.   

According to an Indian news outlet, the wildlife excursion ended up being a terrible experience for everyone involved in the mishap.  Some questioned the level of safety that is maintained inside the national parks.

An officer with the Indian Forest Service uploaded the terrifying video footage on Twitter. In his post, he said the same standardized protocols for safety and recovery efforts in extreme sports should be applied to wildlife safaris.  

According to the sources, seven visitors were harmed when the driver was unaware of the ditch behind the car before it fell into it, causing the tourists, including the driver, to sustain injuries. 

One of the passengers in the vehicle suffered a broken hand from the event, while the operator and the guide sustained minor injuries.  

A local report revealed that a passenger in the second car on the route captured the giant mother rhinoceros and her young calf on camera. 

Eyewitnesses claimed that the two rhinoceroses in the video footage emerged after being involved in a fight in the bushes next to the safari trail. 

The animals’ focus then went to the tourists taking pictures and filming them. 

According to a forest authority, an assault by a rhinoceros of this nature has not been reported in the region for 15 years.  

The visibly shaken driver told local media that he had never been in a scenario like this before in all his years of working at the job.