Ron DeSantis Has “Test’ Ahead of 2024

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flirts with a potential run at the presidency ahead of 2024, he visited Hillsdale College in Michigan to “test the waters,” according to a report from The Epoch Times. DeSantis was reportedly the keynote speaker at the college to raise money for the Midland County Republicans. 

He made two addresses before going back home to the Sunshine State. While much of the crowd appreciated his visit, DeSantis was met with protestors—but not pro-Trumpers. About four dozen left-wing protestors displayed signs that read “I Am Proud to Be Woke.” They also shouted, “Go Home, Fascist.” They got into little skirmishes with the police as they blocked traffic on a busy four-lane highway and obstructed the entrance to the banquet home where the governor was speaking. 

Speaking to a laughing crowd of 600 attendees, DeSantis expressed his disappointment that there weren’t more protestors. In what many compared to a tone similar to that of Ronald Reagan, DeSantis reiterated his beliefs in creating a stronger border, protecting children from the transgender frenzy, and strengthening parent rights in education. 

He also affirmed that he is going to beat Disney, which comes as the battle between the two grows fiercer. 

DeSantis then went after President Joe Biden, calling him weak and dictated by the radical faction of the Democratic Party. But for one of the onlookers, the speech sounded Trumpian. He claimed that not even a piece of paper could be put between the two men, suggesting no differential gap. 

Former President Donald Trump has targeted DeSantis in his speeches, referring to the governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” and associating him with the “establishment.” The vitriol began just after many Trump-endorsed candidates lost the 2022 midterm elections and the Republican Party began to refer to DeSantis as the party’s new leader.