School Employee Caught Abusing Autistic Student

A frightening video shows a school staff member in Dayton, Ohio, running after a non-verbal, autistic 3-year-old boy, knocking him to the floor by beating him on the head and then carrying the child upside down by his ankles.

His parents seek answers and say the school district hasn’t been helpful about what happened before and after the 17-second video was taken on August 21 at the Rosa Parks Early Learning School.

Braylen Tootle’s mom, Taneshia Lindsay, said her son did not deserve that, and she had no idea what was going through that man’s mind.

The unnamed paraprofessional (teacher’s aide) was placed on administrative leave and later resigned “in lieu of firing,” according to a statement released by the Dayton school district.

Lindsay claimed that at first, district officials downplayed the severity of the incident by telling them that Braylen had been “swatted on the back of his head” by staff. She said she sent three emails to the school district and eventually got the video on Monday.

After seeing the video, the district alerted Human Resources, the Department of Safety and Security, and the Ohio Department of Education, according to a statement released by Superintendent Dr. David Lawrence on Friday.

It wasn’t the whole truth. It was far worse than that, the mother stated.

According to their attorney, Michael Wright, Braylen’s parents could not seek immediate medical attention because the school “lied to this family.”

Doctors are closely monitoring him, but they say he’s doing much better now.

Braylen’s dad, Robert Tootle, expressed further alarm by saying, “There’s still another half of the video” they haven’t seen.

He said what we’ve seen so far is awful enough; what else could be worse?
Exactly why did he feel the need to flee? Asked Lindsay.

The district and Montgomery County prosecutors will look into this as part of their investigations. At this time, it is unclear whether any charges will be filed.
Wright wrote in a Saturday email that legal action is being considered and that the employee should be detained.

Lawrence stated on Wednesday that the district is doing more to ensure its workers are “fully trained and qualified.”