Security Group Warns Of Increasing Anti-Semitic Incidents

An advocacy group for the Jewish community has reported an alarming rise in antisemitic occurrences on university campuses across the United States in the wake of pro-Palestinian protests against Israel’s actions in response to Hamas’ terror strike.

15% of the 614 total incidents reported by Secure Community Network (SCN) this month have occurred on college campuses since the Hamas attack. Antisemitic occurrences are predicted to peak in October 2023, the highest point since the organization’s inception in 2004.

Some cases have received more notice than others, such as the recent events at New York City’s Cooper Union. A pro-Palestinian demonstration surrounded the school library and smashed its windows. A few Jewish kids listened from the safety of the building while they chanted.

According to SCN CEO Michael Masters, a surge in events on campuses shows that many educational institutions are not adequately responding to concerns about open support for foreign terror groups and overt antisemitism.

Students at Harvard and other universities around the United States rallied in solidarity with the Palestinians in the wake of the attack, with some even blaming Israel for the 1,400 dead and 4,500 injuries. Despite Harvard’s lackluster commitment to free speech on campus, the university protected the student group’s right to voice its anti-Israel views.

Wexner Foundation and private equity investor Marc Rowan are among those who have said they will no longer fund Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania because they did not issue strong enough condemnations of the terror assault in Israel.

According to a letter sent by the Wexner Foundation on October 16, they are “shocked and outraged” by Harvard’s unwillingness to denounce the terrible killings of Israeli citizens on Saturday, which was both the Sabbath and a festival day. Many of our Israel Fellows have reported feeling more welcome at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) since then. The isolation makes them sad. There is a fundamental misalignment between our organization and Harvard. Israeli leaders can no longer travel to HKS to acquire the knowledge and training they need to deal with the pressing political and social issues confronting their country.

The organization announced it would end all financial and programmatic ties.