Sen. Graham Issues Stern Warning To Iran

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has spoken out in favor of the United States and Israel in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. He warned that the United States would take military action to cut off Iran’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah if the situation escalated. The aim, he said, is to destroy Hamas in the south and preserve as many innocent Palestinians as possible to avert an escalation north from Hezbollah.

He praised President Biden’s support for Israel.

Graham also said he would introduce legislation in the Senate authorizing military action by the United States and Israel against Iran to force the country out of the oil sector. Warning the Iranians, Graham said, that if the war escalates, we would be coming for them. He said this is the best way to induce Hezbollah to back down.

The South Carolina Senator has also revealed that he will be traveling to Saudi Arabia and Israel in the near future with a group of senators from both political parties. He stated that efforts to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel would continue and that the destruction of Hamas would make Israel safer and open the door to peace between the Palestinians and the rest of the world.

He stressed that without oil funding, Iran would cease to be the most significant state sponsor of terrorism because the Iranian economy depends on it.

The Biden administration has been placed at the center of blame for Hamas’ attack by several Republicans, particularly those vying for the Republican nominee for president.
U.S. sanctions had prevented $6 billion in oil income from reaching Tehran; the Biden administration informed Congress last month that it had issued a waiver to allow the release of the funds.

The Biden administration denies any correlation between funding states that sponsor terrorism and terror.