Sniper Takes Down 6 Human Targets In a Matter Of Seconds

A video was uploaded to the military-themed r/CombatFootage forum on Monday and has received more than 19,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The video shows a Ukrainian sniper killing several Russians in rapid succession and has gone viral.

Experts have predicted a further counteroffensive by Ukraine against Russia, and this video shows their success.

Russian troops are seen going along a street before being ambushed, and the sniper looks to be using an infrared scope. The post claims that the sniper shot the footage near Bakhmut, the scene of some of the fiercest combat thus far in the war.

The Russian troops’ awareness of the sniper’s location and the fact that they are under fire is unclear in the footage. Six Russian servicemen are shown on camera collapsing after being shot. When a shot is made, the clip plays the sound of the Nintendo mascot character Mario when he jumps.

Previously, Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense, spoke with the Senate Armed Service Committee about Ukraine.

Austin said that no one could have predicted Ukraine would wipe out Russia’s stock of armored vehicles. The extent of devastation done by the Ukrainians has prompted Moscow to seek T-54 and T-55 tanks.

H said he thinks Ukraine will have a solid chance of victory based on what the U.S. has done and is continuing to do.

The advisor to Ukraine’s president, Mykhailo Podolyak, has repeatedly denied that his country had any kind of timetable for launching a counteroffensive. Ukraine would do so only when it is ready, he has declared.

A former Ukrainian commander, Viktor Muzhenko, has warned Russia might launch its onslaught during the summer, although some experts anticipate Ukraine will start an attack in the spring.

He told the Ukrainian publication Fakty that August is a possible month for a Russian invasion because of its significance in Russian officials’ minds.