Trump Continues To Overtake Biden In Polls

A series of polls show former President Donald Trump racing ahead of Joe Biden, including in crucial swing states. Trump is beating Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as the crisis in the Middle East appears to have provided a significant boost.

Nathan Klein, pollster for OnMessage Inc., said, “The interesting thing is that it started around the end of September. I say this because my initial gut instinct was to cite the lack of leadership from Biden during the crisis in Israel.”

In Michigan, a poll conducted by The Detroit News showed Trump ahead of the President by seven points. The former President won Michigan in 2016 but lost it to Biden in 2020, but the new poll suggests Trump might take it back in 2024. The survey on October 25 saw Trump on 42% to Biden’s 35%.

An Emerson College poll on the same day showed Trump beating Biden by nine points in Pennsylvania at 45% to the President’s 36%. Like Michigan, Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016, and Biden won it in 2020 by one of the narrowest margins in the country. Emerson College also polled voters in Wisconsin, where Trump was ahead by 42% to 40%.

Senior strategist at the Trafalgar Group, Robert Cahaly, said Americans are turning against Biden, who continues to persuade them that the economy is strong, even though inflation continues to hit them in their pockets. Cahaly also believes the American public has more faith in Trump to deal effectively with world affairs, which are now prominent in voters’ minds following the terror attack on Israel on October 7.

Donald Trump is also polling ahead of Joe Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina. Nationally, the two contenders are either on an equal footing, or Trump is racing ahead. Some pollsters are warning that the results may not paint an accurate picture and may be missing a significant chunk of the youth vote, which is more likely to cast its ballot for Biden.