Trump Issues Report Card To Debating Rivals

Former President Donald Trump, who did not participate in the Republican primary debate, has given the candidates he will face in the 2024 race a “grade.”

Instead of going to the Republican debate last Wednesday in California, Trump gave a speech to a non-union auto parts factory in Michigan where UAW union members were present.

Trump stated that the move to electric cars would soon render them obsolete, regardless of whether striking union autoworkers obtained a fair agreement in talks with America’s largest carmakers.

Trump projected the U.S. auto sector would fall to catastrophic losses in only a few years, which is in stark contrast to the confidence claimed by car markers investing rapidly to electrify their fleets.

The former president, who also skipped the initial GOP debate last month, said it was pointless because of his overwhelming advantage in the polls.

Before giving his opinion on the candidates, he encouraged the Republican National Committee to stop the debate series.
Trump claimed he observed the debate and rated the candidates’ performances, awarding just three out of seven candidates high marks in a post on Truth Social.

Trump released his performance evaluation. It was reported that he made snide comments against former VP Mike Pence, former NJ Governor Chris Christie, former FL Governor Ron DeSantis, and former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.
Trump wrote that Doug Burgum did a good job: Smart.

Sloppy Chris Christie was a disaster.

Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley was exposed for lies and disloyalty.

Trump called out Lyin’ Mike Pence.

He called Tim Scott a great guy who raised his game. He said he was looking forward to getting his endorsement.

Vivek praised Trump’s presidency, calling him “excellent.” Trump said he appreciated it.

Trump said things went badly for Ron DeSanctimonious, and the end is so close he can taste it. His ratings have sunk like a stone.

A report shows thatin his Michigan speech before the debate, Trump said he would not choose any of the seven debaters as his running mate in 2024. Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung confirmed with the media, saying those individuals were not considered.