Trump Poll Comes Out Showing Him Climbing

A Rasmussen Reports survey released last week found former President Donald Trump with his biggest lead over President Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch.

According to the poll, Trump holds a 7-point lead over Biden, 47 percent to 40 percent, with increased support among women and independents. In the February Rasmussen poll, Trump was trailing Biden by 3 points, 42 percent to Biden’s 45 percent.

Last Wednesday’s Rasmussen survey was the first 2024 general election poll since the Manhattan grand jury indicted Trump on March 30. However, it was conducted before the 34 charges were released and Trump was arraigned. 

Democrats were weighted more heavily than Republicans and Independents, with Rasmussen polling 36 percent Democrat compared to 33 percent Republican and 31 percent Independent.

And while Trump enjoyed his biggest lead over Biden in Rasmussen polling, he still lagged slightly behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who held an 8-point lead over President Biden in last week’s poll, 46 percent to 38 percent. 

Like Trump, DeSantis did very well among independents and women, which are believed to be the key to winning in 2024.

Trump bested Biden among women, 47 percent to 39 percent, while DeSantis topped Biden among women, 43 percent to 39 percent.

Among Independent voters, Trump leads Biden by 8 points, 44 percent to 36 percent while DeSantis leads Biden by 12 points, 44 percent to 32 percent.

In the latest Economist/YouGov poll conducted after Trump’s indictment, a majority of respondents (55 percent) do not want Trump to run again in 2024 while only 32 percent do. Another 13 percent were unsure.

Likewise, a majority (56 percent) do not want Biden to run in 2024 while only 26 percent do. Another 18 percent were not sure.

In the YouGov poll, Trump tops Biden by only 2-points in a 2024 match-up, 40 percent to 38 percent.