Trump Promises To Use Ballot Harvesting In “Every State” He Can

( The 2024 presidential campaign for former President Donald Trump is going to look a little different than the two before it.

The former president said this week that he would be shifting some of his electoral tactics for the upcoming election. He promised that he would embrace the tactic of “ballot harvesting” as one major method of campaigning as he seeks to return to the White House.

The Wall Street Journal reported that this promise was made via a fundraising email that his campaign sent out this week. The email read:

“The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out YOUR vote and walk away with elections that they NEVER should have won.”

He added that he would also now be “doing something HUGE to fight back.”

The email continued:

“Our path forward is to MASTER the Democrats’ own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can.”

He then urged his supporters to help in this effort by “laying the foundation for victory RIGHT NOW.”

Trump – and many other Republicans – have for a while now condemned such methods of ballot harvesting and mail-in voting systems. That being said, the former president has also said in the past that he would be willing to embrace the systems, since they’re likely not going anywhere.

Late in 2022, Trump spoke to Breitbart and said:

“For the time … we have to live with the system that stinks.”

He certainly doesn’t love mail-in ballots or ballot harvesting, but seems to understand that it’s a necessary evil in today’s elections and that he needs to embrace it and harness the power of it if he wants to win the 2024 election.

Trump commented on it all by saying:

“It’s a corrupt system. A mail-in ballot will always be corrupt.”

Ballot harvesting refers to a tactic that’s used by activists who travel around the country to try to get people to register so they can vote. They provide these potential voters with information and resources they would need to register and then actually vote via mail-in ballot.

In some of these cases, the ballots would be filled out by the voter but then picked up by the activists who would then mail them in on behalf of the voter – which they say would ensure that everyone who wanted to would be able to participate in the voting.

Most Republicans have said the system is a scam that Democrats have set up to try to win more elections. Trump himself criticized this method in the same fundraising email that said he’d be embracing it for the 2024 run.

He said:

“Instead of running on the issues, Democrats try to BUY, RIG and LIE their way into power. The LEFT spent $1 BILLION in 2020 to put Biden and Kamala in the White House. The FBI colluded with liberal tech corporations to suppress damaging stories about Biden. And I know I don’t have to remind you about the many, many ballots ‘harvested’ by the Democrats … BUT NOT ANYMORE!”