Trump Says Attorneys’ Meeting with DOJ Was Productive

Last Thursday, it was confirmed by Donald Trump, the former U.S. President, that his legal team has met with Special Counsel Jack Smith in anticipation of a potential indictment in the investigation of the events of January 6.

“Today’s meeting with the Department of Justice (DOJ) proved fruitful, as my lawyers detailed how I did nothing illegal. I acted based on legal advice, and any indictment against me will only further damage our nation,” Trump expressed on his social media platform.

He suggested that there was no hint that an indictment was forthcoming during the meeting, challenging previous news reports about the meeting. “The Fake News can’t be trusted with anything. No indication of a forthcoming notice was provided during the meeting,” Trump stated. There was no comment from Smith’s office regarding the meeting.

Last week, Trump disclosed that he had received a target letter from the DOJ, part of their investigation into his actions to hold on to power following his loss in the 2020 election. Receiving a target letter often indicates that someone might soon face charges as prosecutors have assembled substantial evidence.

Trump’s post on Truth Social on Thursday suggested his possible defense regarding his post2020 election behavior: he acted on his lawyers’ advice, who believed the election results could be overturned. Post the 2020 election, Trump pursued a complex strategy to retain power, which involved appealing to the DOJ, state officials, and even his followers, who violently stormed the Capitol after Mike Pence, the then Vice President, declined Trump’s request to reverse the results.

The federal grand jury examining evidence in the case meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they seemed to have convened at a courthouse in downtown Washington, D.C. during the meeting.

Trump is slated to attend an Iowa Republican event on Friday with other potential 2024 presidential candidates, and a rally in Erie, Pa., has been scheduled for his supporters on Saturday evening.

Trump currently leads all GOP contenders for the Presidency by a sizeable margin in the latest political polls.