Trump Slips Multiple Gaffes In Speech Amid Age Concerns

Age may be catching up with Donald Trump as commentators speculate he is suffering a similar cognitive decline to President Biden. The former President was mocked on social media after claiming Joe Biden is “cognitively impaired” and will lead America into “World War Two.” He also appeared to confuse Biden with former President Barack Obama, saying he was ahead of Obama in the polls.

Continuing the Obama confusion, Trump appeared to suggest he had beaten him in 2016 before correcting himself and confirming he had defeated Hillary Clinton.

When the clip of President Trump made its way to Twitter, comments were mixed. Some people said he had not become confused and was referring to WWII atomic strikes on Japan and warning that nuclear war could occur under Biden’s watch.

One tweeter wrote, “For every Trump mistake, there are 100 Biden mistakes.”

Floridian State Congressman Jared Moskowitz wrote that Trump is “old and incoherent” and “appears to be going blind.” Many responders agreed but made little distinction between the two frontrunners. Some suggested both men need to stand aside and allow a new generation to come through.

President Biden’s age concerns have followed his campaign since he announced he intended to enter the 2024 White House race. In several polls, most Americans say the President is too old to see out a second term, but Trump’s age is rarely under the same scrutiny despite the fact there are only three years between the two men. President Biden is 80, and Trump is 77.

Biden is the oldest President in US history and the oldest candidate in the 2024 race. The youngest is Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, who is just 37. Second-place Republican Ron DeSantis is 44, and in the Democrat contest, the President’s opponents are Marianne Williamson, 71, and Robert F. Kennedy, 69.

In a September poll, 75% of voters said President Biden is too old for the Oval Office, while only 51% felt the same about Donald Trump.