Trump Spotted Shaking Hands With Joe Rogan

At the UFC bouts in Las Vegas on Saturday, former President Donald Trump and Joe Rogan shared a lighthearted moment. 

Rogan had been critical of Trump in the past, calling him a “man baby” and making other comments in this vein.

UFC 290 took place at the T-Mobile Arena, and President Trump watched the fight from cageside at the event. While there, he spotted Rogan providing color commentary for the event. The former president pointed eagerly in Rogan’s direction before walking up to him. Rogan flashed a welcoming smile, and the two engaged in a warm handshake that lasted for ten seconds.

It didn’t take long for the video of the handshake to become viral on social media.

Despite the friendly interaction, Rogan has previously expressed disapproval of Trump’s policies and statements. The podcaster insulted Donald Trump by referring to him as a “man baby” on an episode of the 2022 podcast that featured comedian Tom Segura. 

Segura retold a story he had heard about how Jared Kushner delivered negative information to Donald Trump. He tucks the bad news in the middle of two pieces of positive news.

“Of course!”  Rogan exclaimed. That’s because he is a “man baby.”

Rogan revealed that he turned down many opportunities to have an interview with Trump.

In 2022, Rogan declared to podcaster Lex Fridman, “I am not in any way, shape, or form a supporter of Trump.” 

He said he had turned down Trump’s requests to appear on his show more than once and had no interest in helping him in any way.

During the same show, however, Rogan noted that Trump is such a divisive character that many people have disregarded their ethics, morals, and values to attack him and his followers and justify it by saying they perceive him as a threat to democracy.