Trump Vows To Break Up Department Of Education 

( Donald Trump is starting to make the rounds in the key battleground states and the states that hold early primary elections so that he can drum up extra support for his 2024 presidential run. 

On Monday, Trump went to Iowa to speak in Davenport, where he delivered a speech where he outlined his platform for all education issues. It was another step for Trump in ramping up his campaign even more than he already has. 

One of the main policies that Trump said his administration studied extensively when he was in the White House was whether it would make sense to completely break up the federal Department of Education. Trump said that in its stead, his administration would’ve taken the funds that are given to the federal DOE and allocated them to individual states so that they could govern their own education. 

When Trump described his plan, he was greeted with raucous applause. 

As he said of his plan during the speech: 

“We studied it very closely, and I was getting ready to do it, pull the trigger. The long-term goal, but now it’s a short-term goal, of breaking up the federal Department of Education and redistributing its functions to the states.” 

Many conservatives have complained in recent years of having to follow some of the federal DOE’s standards in the education of their residents. Many Republican-led states have started to pass their own initiatives related to education, though they are constrained in some of what they are able to do. 

If Trump were to win election as president in 2024, and move in this direction, it would certainly follow a trend that’s happening in the country right now of passing the buck from the federal government and allowing individual states to have more control of matters within their own borders. 

Some issues that have fallen under this classification over the last few years include legal sports betting, marijuana possession and usage, and – most recently – abortion. Education would just be another major issue that would fall to the control of states rather than the federal government if Trump were to follow through with trying to abolish the federal Department of Education. 

Monday’s speech in Iowa for Trump was made not long after Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis made a stop in the Hawkeye state for a speech of his own. He hasn’t yet announced that he is going to run for the GOP nomination in 2024, though most people believe it’s only a matter of time before he will do so. 

If he were to officially announce his candidacy for president, he would instantly become one of the frontrunners and Trump’s major challenger in the Republican Party. 

So far, Trump is one of four Republican candidates who have officially filed paperwork to run for president in 2024, along with former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley – who served as ambassador to the UN in the Trump administration – as well as businessmen Perry Johnson and Vivek Ramaswamy.